Information consumption logs

Discussion questions for this thread and your midterm position papers:

What can we make of the quantification of reading:  the number of words consumed; the partition of the day into distinct modes of “information consumption”; the shrinking percentage of reading audiences?  What is the cultural and rhetorical function of these metrics?  Does your own quantification exercise – your information log – suggest that this is a meaningful methodological approach?  What does accounting both reveal and obscure?


4 Comments to “Information consumption logs”

  1. Thought I should share my information log, which covers Sunday, January 23 through Saturday, January 29 (7 days total):

    The numbers are in units of hours.

    Also, although it was hard to keep track of the amount of time I spent texting (so this chart doesn’t include it), I was able to keep track of the total number of text messages sent and received. My numbers are probably off by a few, but they are as follows:
    Text messages received: 684
    Text messages sent: 628

    A couple observations/qualifications:
    – I am embarrassed about all of my texting. I really had no idea I did it so often. The average per day works out to 97.7 texts received/day and 89 texts sent/day. Yikes.
    – The “writing” category took place both on computers and by hand, depending.
    – Many of these activities occurred concurrently; for example, I sometimes read and/or write and listen to music at the same time. It was hard to account for that quantitatively, so I just separated each activity and counted the hours once for each. Also, I spent some time this week researching various things. Since researching for me means both reading and writing (notes/brainstorming), I counted the research time as both reading and writing.

  2. Instead of creating one pie chart to cover my information input for the week, I made graphs on a daily basis.

    I chose to classify my consumption into the categories of: deep reading, online reading/movies, texting, and talking/listening.
    From the look of it, I appear to have an addiction to online entertainment, seeing as the chart shows that online reading and movies take up a majority of my day…

  3. Here’s my information log in a boring list format.

    ENGL146 DR info log

  4. I went ahead and used the same site Bao used to create a pdf. Hopefully this works:
    Information Consumption Log

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