Frontline: “Rewiring Young Brains” | “Online, All the Time

Frontline: “Distracted by Everything

Test How Fast You Juggle Tasks and Test Your Focus (NY Times interactive features)

Trebor Scholz, “How to overcome continuous partial attention

William Bogard, “Distraction and Digital Culture” (CTheory; 2000)

Charlie Rose: A conversation with David Foster Wallace, Jonathan Franzen, and Mark Leyner (May 1996)

Julie Bosman, “Picture Books No Longer a Staple for Children” (NY Times; October 2010)

Google Books/Culturomics vs. the Corpus of Historical American English

Science Daily: “Empathy: College Students Don’t Have as Much as They Used To, Study Finds” (May 29, 2010)

Obama’s State Of The Union and word frequency (The Lousy Linguist; January 25, 2011)

One Comment to “Links”

  1. I’d like to read Matt Richter’s piece, Growing up digital, Jan 2011. How may I access it?

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